Quality Products and Patient Care

The foundation of our success and the heart of Alexso, Inc. is our vision to provide a high range of quality pharmaceutical medications and to execute our commitment to our patients, customers, and employees. As a growing pharmaceutical company, our core strengths lie in development, production, and marketing infrastructure across the country and in relationships with many wholesale pharmaceutical distributors. We have a wide range of specialty medicines, FDA approved medication, specialized over-the-counter products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and compounded pharmaceutical products.

Featured Products

Pharmacists with special expertise in pain management have re-formulated Terocin to come up with with a new and improved topical medication called New Terocin. The scent of the medication has become more pleasing now with the addition of new natural ingredients. Studies suggest that New Terocin’s natural as well as pharmaceutical ingredients significantly alleviate pain and inflammation.

This oral medication contains a laxative plus stool softener. There are many causes of constipation that include dehydration, diet, hormones, or conventional pain relief medications; all of which can lead to serious complications and/or painful defecation. The agents in this product provide two different mechanisms that alleviate constipation.